Dakos A classic Cretan side dish
Kolokythoanthoi Stuffed courgette flowers
Hohlioi Boubouristoi Fried snails with vinegar & rosemary
Kalitsounia Pastry filled with greens, cheese or mixed.
Stuffed Aubergines Stuffed aubergines with myzithra
Sydrimas Pork cooked with olive oil and spices
Kreatotourta Meat pie with pork & 3 types of cheese
Mousaka A classic Greek layered dish
Gardoumia Rolled lamb intestines cooked in casserole.
Kotsi Pork leg cooked in the oven with potatos
Tsigariasto Goat meat cooked with olive oil and spices
Lamb with Wild Chicory Cooked in casserole with lemon