Welcome to Platia’s Journal!

Here, we can update you about various activities of our establishment, but also about events happening in our village, beautiful Kandanos!Antonis & Samantha Kastrinaki

IMG_0775IMG_0784Today the Classic Motorcycle Club of Hania, in cooperation with Society of Privately Owned Antique Automobiles of Crete, had a race from Hania to Palaeochora. (north coast to south coast of Crete). Eight antique cars and fifty classic motorcycles traveling through the mountains…and through that long drive, where better to take a break than Platia in Kandanos!! The members stopped for coffee and kalitsounia, a perfect way to reboost energy before continuing on the road……..IMG_0790IMG_0792

081We have many preparations for the upcoming summer season! This week, we are making spoon fruit Seville (bitter orange), a sweet which we treat our guests at the end of their meal, accompanied by tsikoudia, of course….

706078It’s Holy Week and lent is almost over. The children of Kandanos are preparing the “Judas”, who is hung and burned on Saturday night at midnight, when the priest chants “Christos Anesti” during the Resurrection Liturgy. Ιt is an old custom here in Kandanos.  Today we  made Octopus with Avronies, an elite Lenten dish.  Any summer visitor who wishes to try a dish with avronies, either with lamb or with octopus, can contact us for a special order!

073Happy April! The winter seemed endless this year, and here in Kandanos, we had enough of bad weather! The first signs of spring are finally present with blossoming.  A particular type of wild greens that grow in Kandanos this time of year are AVRONIES. Avronies grow in places with plenty of water, such as rivers, and usually sprout in thorny bushes. They look somewhat like wild asparagus, and when cooked are very bitter! Special dishes are created when paired with lamb, octopus, or with eggs.

Today, all of Greece celebrates freedom and the Annunciation, and Kandanos is no different. This day in Kandanos begins with Holy Liturgy, followed by thanksgiving, which takes place at our main church, the Ascension.
Then we have a memorial service and place commemorative wreaths at the war monument in the square of the village. The ceremony finishes with a parade on the main street of Kandanos.  Later on, our customers gather at the restaurant to enjoy the daily specialty…..Codfish with Garlic dip!


Kandanos parade on March 25th 2015